Fleet Management/ Transportation

We understand the extreme challenges that modern transportation business faces- from rising fuel cost to traffic-congestion, from insufficient infrastructure and poor road conditions to keeping your drivers and customers happy. Not to mention, keeping your vehicles moving and generating profits. We have specially designed our technology that allows you the highest uptime for vehicles and a watch on your vehicle conditions from miles away. Our traffic and weather notifications allow you to ensure safest and most optimized routes. With our technology you can train your drivers to achieve best performance from your vehicles- increasing vehicle life, mileage as well as customized service at your location in case of any emergency!

Our technology makes your vehicles smart and takes-over your entire burden. It automatically adapts to the surroundings; ensuring smoothest possible commute every time. Leading transporters are experiencing peace of mind, what’s stopping you?


Personal Car

How often have we been stuck in a situation with check-light flashing or weird sounds from your car- beyond your comprehension or even worse, moving through a remote location and your car breaks-down!?

Wouldn’t it be better if you had a 24x7 personal advisor with you to take care of your car, update you about impending issues before they happen and keep your car safe!? In case of car failures, you know what you are paying for. Taking cue from personal and common road-side experiences, we have designed our technology to create a very convenient personal environment. Our technology works even when you sleep and keeps your car secure. We teach you best way to take care of your car to achieve optimum performance. Next time you plan to go for a road-trip alone, you can always stay connected to your friends and share the experience as you do with our special connect option. We convert your travel to a joyous trip time-after-time! People are already rejuvenated with our services; you too can embrace this spirit!


Rental Car

You own business of renting vehicles and worried about the safety & optimized-performance of your car yet ensuring customer satisfaction?

AutoTranz creates products that can be easily employed in your vehicles that encourage your clients to drive safely and efficiently. It allows you to reward best driving customers and keep a record of your vehicle health - alerting you in the event of break-downs or of impending issues with your vehicle. You can also provide a highly customized schemes and rates for your recurring clients based on their past records thereby increasing trust and loyalty. We work so you can stay carefree about your vehicles and focus better on increasing your business. Wouldn’t you want to employ us and guarantee better business?



Have an expensive spread but in need of increasing and retaining your customer base, especially in the current market condition with cut-throat competition?

We help you stay ahead of your competition. With our technology, we provide you a 24x7 interaction with your clients. We arm you with tools that allow you a highly personalized service for your clients, no matter where they are! We foster trust in your customer and return the favor with loyalty – increasing your business and improving your brand-image! We are working with leading dealerships, we can help you too!



We feel special pride in helping government to serve people and hence the country. Our solutions are equally useful to best utilize the government resources. Our solutions in emergency services help them reach you faster!

Our technology in police and government vehicles helps to reduce personal misuse but more importantly, avert anti-social elements from open and easy access! With special updates we ensure better mileage with your vehicles leading to massive savings!

We are already serving government projects; pray tell how we can be of further service to you!?