Diploma in Cyber Laws

Diploma in Cyber Laws

9 Hours of Class room training by Advocate Puneet Bhasin.

Followed by 3 weeks of Online Study of 7 hours per week.

4th Week includes 5 hours of Case Study Submission + 2 hours Online Exam.


  1. Information Technology Act, 2000
    • Definitions
    • Validity of Digital Signature
    • Cyber Crimes: Section 43A, Unauthorised Access, Hacking, Identity Theft, Cheating by Personation, Violation of Privacy, Child pornography, Cyber Terrorism.
    • Intermediaries’ Liability

2. Concept of Jurisdiction:

    • Classification
    • Jurisdiction Principles
    • Relevant Provisions in Indian Context
    • Jurisdiction Issues in International Perspective

3. Judicial Framework for Redressal

4. Relevance of Digital Evidence under Indian Evidence Act, 1872

Fees = 21,240  (18,000/- + GST)