Game Of Thrones And The Battle Of Leaks

Game Of Thrones And The Battle Of Leaks

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“GOT”, are not simply 3 alphabets put together but it’s a whole new world in itself, as rightly known Game of Thrones is an American fantasy drama series created by David Benioff and D.B. Weiss is an adaption of ‘A Song of Ice and Fire’, George Martin’s series of fantasy novel, the first one of which is A Game of Thrones. The series was first aired on HBO in United States on April 17,2011 and its 7th season ended on August 2017.Game of thrones has attracted recorded viewership on HBO, it has a huge, loyal and dedicated fanbase on internet who eagerly wait for each and every episode of the show.

The show has however suffered huge losses, the curiosity and craze this show has created among its viewers and its fans is immense and intense to such an extent that it has led to leakage of episode before its broadcast? Rightly guessed; there has been complain logged by Star India in cyber cell earlier in the month of August 2017 on account of leakage of episode 4, ‘The Spoils of War’, of season 7 before its broadcasting on tv leading to huge loss to its producers, distributors and to the show at large. The episode which was leaked had watermark of Star India.

Prime Focus Technologies being tech subsidiary of BES-listed media and entertainment has clients like Disney, HBO, Amazon Prime, Warner Bros, is the place where this incident actually took place, they had accepted that leakage had happened at its end and lodged complaint against one of its serving employee and along with four other former employees gained wrongful access to the episode and thereafter leaked for viewing to general public over internet. In further investigation at Prime Focus Technologies’ Bengaluru office and interrogation with employees revealed involvement of more persons other than those named in the FIR.

This was not the very first time but previously also many such spoilers were leaked leading to low TRP’s and heavy financial losses to the show at large. Talking about the spoilers, before this incident there was an accidental leakage of scripts of episodes from HBO which after viewing the episode turned out to be exactly accurate. HBO had agreed that hackers had stolen scripts and episodes of other two tv series whose data was worth 1.5 terabytes along with company’s proprietary information and some programming. There are also many speculations that some episodes of coming season finale of GOT are being leaked. However, ignoring all the speculations HBO is trying its best to keep the season finale “spoiler-free”. Actor Liam Cunningham said that the digital scripts need special authorization for the access which cannot be easily copied or could be taken outside the studio. Hopefully such methods can prevent the show as well as the channel form any form expected cyber breach.

Such cases occur almost on day to day basis in social media world due to lack of data protection measures carried out by the companies, intermediaries failing to protect the data provided to them as well as individuals and companies engaging in various offences mentioned in the Information and Technology Act. In the above mentioned episode leak case the accused are been booked under section 408 of Indian Penal Code dealing with criminal breach of trust by clerk or servant and S.34 of IPC dealing with acts done by several persons in furtherance with common intentions each of whom will be liable for that act in the same manner as if it was done in his personal capacity as well as section 43 and 66. S.43 deals with penalties and compensation for damage to computer, computer system, etc. Whereas s.66 deals with computer related offences, provides penal provisions for acts done fraudulently and dishonestly as well as acts done under S.43 of the act.


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