Cyber Forensics

  • Duration

    3 Days

  • Total Hours

    15 Hours




Cyber Forensics

Cyber Forensics is the process of investigating and storing of digital evidence to be preserved in a way that makes it admissible in a court of law. This program will focus on various practices and procedures used in cyber forensics, the different types of digital evidence and the best practices prevalent for password protection and encryption.

The objective of this program is to give an in-depth knowledge of document investigation, evidence collecting and analysis, mobile forensics and the best practices cyber forensics.

Eligibility – Masters, Graduate or Undergraduate (H.S.C. Pass or equivalent).

This course will be beneficial for CIOs, CISOs, Information Technology Heads, CPOs, cybercrime investigators along with advocates practicing in criminal law and cyberspace as well as students of information technology and law.

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