Cyber Crime Laws

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    2 Days

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    6-8 Hours

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Cyber Crime Laws

In today’s day and age of the digital era cyber crimes have become an important part of the law. This course will focus on the various types of cyber crimes like hacking, cyberbullying, credit card frauds, etc. This course will focus on the penalties and punishments under the Information Technology Act, Intermediary Guidelines, and allied rules. It will equip the learner with understanding of Digital Evidence and E-discovery Orders.

The course will provide a working knowledge of the various types of cybercrimes, the current international legal framework for cybercrimes and contemporary scenario in India with respect to the procedure and penalties under various laws.

Eligibility – Masters, Graduate or Undergraduate (H.S.C. Pass or equivalent)

This course will be beneficial for CIOs, CISOs, Information Technology Heads, CPOs along with Individuals working with social media websites, marketing agencies as well as students of information technology and law.

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